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They, Them

At dusk I went out the front door of the apartment building for my evening walk. Pausing in the entranceway I made conversation with another dog owner. Their dog is very friendly, a black Border Collie-mix. I stroked its head and let it lick my hand. …

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Sitting in the coffee shop drinking my decaf and eating a chocolate brownie while writing another famous novel, I am distracted. My gaze wanders out the window and, like a lot of men, my gaze is attracted to movement. This goes back to the days of cavemen when it was…

I am interested. I have been writing for about 50 years, but as a hobby. I am a retired pediatrician, write more now in then past several years and work on writing well on a variety of topics. Most of my topics seem uninteresting to most readers, or, I don't know how to find readers. Medium is still a mystery to me after 2 years, but I am still trying to learn. I am agreeable with participating in your proposed group. I am generally very positive in remarks to others and believe we should help each other. How will this work? I am willing to try and to participate. Thank you for for suggesting this and putting effort in it. David

Hi Trudie. This is my second attempt. I wrote a response, then hit some accidental key and it disappeared. ANyway, hoorah for you. I grew up catholic and am now agnostic, not completely unbelieving. I believe in Reincarnation and that there is some kind of supreme spirit, a power in…

Interesting. I am a retired pediatrician. I will admit I am primarily somewhat biased against real estate people and others who sell things, I am not an entrepreneur. However, 2 good things: 1) I like your story and believe you. 2) I rented in downtown Chicago several years ago after…

I love this, Trudie. Yes, the real experiences, emotion, love and fall and love again. You write so well.

Good article. I wrote a longer , and positive response, but before I could hit Publish, it disappeared. Don't know why. Are you a rebel? I hope so, but in a good way, Medium. I do not advocate the overthrow of anything. I agree with a Universal Income, but maybe that is a bad word. Many readers probably prefer articles about True Love or making a ton of money on the stock market without knowing anything. I guess I should keep this short. Keep writing, I like it, good luck and may you get thousands of claps for this, although I doubt you will. Good luck.

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I am growing increasingly weary and impatient with the smirking, sanctimonious, shrieking of those who supposedly care about Life, in heartrending spasms of blaming women for unwanted pregnancies.

Let me introduce myself. I am a retired Pediatrician and, also a retired Catholic. In this little…

David Rinaldi

Retired M.D. People fascinate me; people trying to make it; failing and trying again. Fiction and non-. Failure, Success, Injury, Atonement, Forgiveness, Love

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