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They, Them

At dusk I went out the front door of the apartment building for my evening walk. Pausing in the entranceway I made conversation with another dog owner. Their dog is very friendly, a black Border Collie-mix. I stroked its head and let it lick my hand. …

Wow, Poppy, this is really extraordinary. You engage yourself with these difficult, traumatic issues, and you have a wonderful way to parse this picture into its pieces, yet pull it together for the whole picture. Analytical, yet emotional, and... in spite of what you have endured, I do not feel hate from your writing. This is very good. Keep it up.

I agree with you and sympathize. Write for yourself. I will never understand the system, myself, and some will seemingly make a lot of money, but most of us will not. You write very well, so please continue and enjoy it. My best for the holidays and the New Year!

David Rinaldi

Retired M.D. People fascinate me; people trying to make it; failing and trying again. Fiction and non-. Failure, Success, Injury, Atonement, Forgiveness, Love

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