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They, Them

At dusk I went out the front door of the apartment building for my evening walk. Pausing in the entranceway I made conversation with another dog owner. Their dog is very friendly, a black Border Collie-mix. I stroked its head and let it lick my hand. …

So sorry Poppy. But good that you write this so others know about it. I hope you get a lot of attention to your article. I have found that people who write cute articles about relatively unimportant things get many many claps. I hope people read this. Thank you for being strong and writing the way you do.

I am interested. I have been writing for about 50 years, but as a hobby. I am a retired pediatrician, write more now in then past several years and work on writing well on a variety of topics. Most of my topics seem uninteresting to most readers, or, I don't know how to find readers. Medium is still a mystery to me after 2 years, but I am still trying to learn. I am agreeable with participating in your proposed group. I am generally very positive in remarks to others and believe we should help each other. How will this work? I am willing to try and to participate. Thank you for for suggesting this and putting effort in it. David

David Rinaldi

Retired M.D. People fascinate me; people trying to make it; failing and trying again. Fiction and non-. Failure, Success, Injury, Atonement, Forgiveness, Love

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